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Hi Im Kaitie Blue.

I am a graphic design and advertising major at Grand Canyon University! While in school I am also working as a freelance graphic designer! I mainly work with western brands and small creators to make content or marketing materials for their online presences. 

On a more personal note I am an Arizona native and I love the sunshine and cacti. I got married pretty young at just 19 and have been married for four years now! My husband is my best friend and number one supporter in all I do, but aside from that, my husband is a police officer for the Goodyear police department & is also a rodeo cowboy. We spend our weekends pulling a horse trailer around Washington with our 3 amazing horses, Cisco, Hick, and Ping Pong.

We also have two Siberian huskies named Wynter and Luna and two cats, Kida and Perry.  I would love to have 1000 animals but alas adulthood makes that hard.  After getting my bachelors degree I plan to continue designing and do what I feel is my calling, making people happy.